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February 23, 2012 / Heidi

My babe is 4!

Well…my last baby isn’t a “baby” anymore.  sigh.  I really felt the evolvement of our family as Griff turned 4 in December.  No more babies or even toddlers.  No more car seats.  No more bibs.  I even pitched the last of the tiny plastic spoons and forks that had survived 3 children and 3 moves!  There is something so *final* about knowing that that blessed phase of motherhood is finished.  Don’t get me wrong…although I mourn (just a little bit, Brian!) the fact that I won’t have any more babies or watch anymore babies take their first steps…I’m super excited about what God has in store for our “getting older” family!  Our kids have such fun personalities that we get to enjoy as they grow!  Watching them play sports and participate in school concerts and other activities.  Vacations will be soooo much easier…even just traveling to the mall!  Just this past weekend, we had the joy of staying with our nieces, Taylor and Megan, while Tammy and Tony took a vacation *alone* and on our way to the mall (which I snuck out of the house with Maddie as my helper, 4 coats, 2 sippy cups, a stroller, my purse, and the “Build-A-Bear” coupons…aka HUGE accomplishment!)  I realized as soon as I had made the 20 minute drive to the Greenwood Park Mall and spent 30 minutes finding a parking space, that alas!  I had forgotten the diaper bag.  eh.  no big deal!  I’m no rookie!  We were only going to go in a go to Build-A-Bear…surly, the girls could make it until we got home…right?  wrong!  As soon as I lifted Meggy our of her seat…I immediately noticed that she needed a diaper, NOW.  Anyway…very.long.story.short.  GOD IS GOOD!  I ran into someone I know in the lower level of Sears as I was frantically searching for a package of diapers.  NO WAY! In GREENWOOD.  And she has 2 little girls.  who use diapers!  crazy!  Marcy saved the day for me.

My point of this whole fiasco story is that I am already out of the loop when it comes to baby things and all those things you have to think of as you simply run an errand.

I am actually sitting at the computer typing this, right now, at 12:30, while Griff plays by himself in the other room…another sign of the times!  And…not to mention that I made it through “3”.  Not that there is something magical that happens once they turn “4” or anything…but with my kiddos anyway, 4 is like a breath of fresh air.  ahhhh….4.  Here are some of my favorite Griffy pictures from the last 4 years.  Enjoy!

February 22, 2012 / Heidi

Nate turns 7!

Nate celebrated a special birthday this year by turning 7 on 11-11-11!  He thought that was pretty cool!  For his birthday he wanted to go to the Lego Store at Castleton.  Nate has quite an amazing obsession with Legos…so this was perfect for him!

He was so excited to get to pick out “whatever I want!” as he requested!  He had a difficult time deciding what he wanted to build next…but finally decided on a Lego City Police Station.  When we got to the check-out counter to pay and the cashier said the total…Nate’s jaw dropped and he looked at me in disbelief…and then at Maddie as if to say, “Wow! I can’t believe how much money that is!” Maddie, in her very loving, older-sisterly way, nudged him and said, “Nate!  Just say ‘Thank you!'”  He then looked at me and said, “Thanks, Mom and Dad!”  THAT face made my day!

Then we were off to “Reeeeeeeeeeed Robin…yummmmmmm” as the kids love to sing!  We met our family there for a yummy dinner and delicious Lego-themed cake made for Nate by Aunt Anna!

What a super fun night!

 Nate had a shared birthday party with Griffin in December with his friends!  Wonder how much longer I’ll be able to talk them into doing that?!

Our kiddo’s LOVE to swim…unfortunately, with all three of them having winter birthdays…that makes it kind of tough!  Thanks to the indoor water park here in Lafayette…the boys got their swimming wish and celebrated with friends at Buccaneer Bay with a Pirate Party!

Happy 7th birthday, buddy!  I know this year is going to be GREAT!  We love you so much!

September 22, 2011 / Heidi

holding on to 9….

My sweet Madeline…I am praying for you today.  All day.  With every step I take and every breath God gives me…I am praying for you.

You are my gift, my treasure, a million blessings and prayers answered.

I will pray for protection, strength, wisdom and joy for you my beautiful 9 year old girl ~

You are precious.  You are a treasure.  You are loved.  You are HIS.

As you go through today ~ I pray you feel my heart.  I pray that you would allow God to envelope you in His love.

I am praying for time to slow….to receive time as a gift…not just every day….but every second.

Life is moving ~ and if we could just slow it a bit….

or receive each second as a blessing to be able to nurture souls…

God, give me the strength to show her how much you love her ~

that she is perfectly made~

Give me the grace of time to hold onto 9 for a little longer…help us to slow down.

even when she doesn’t want to…

even when it’s easier to let the moment go…

Help me to hold on to 9…

April 26, 2011 / Heidi

back home, again!

I cannot believe it’s April!  Fall and winter time brought crazy-busy schedules and events.  We celebrated 13 birthdays, one beautiful life passing, and the birth of Christ!  Brian and I took an amazing week-long vacation in Florida by driving my grandparent’s car down for them so they could winter in “God’s Waiting Room” (as they call it!) or Englewood!  We had planned on having a discussion about moving back to our home of West Lafayette during that drive ~ something we felt that we were going to be eventually led to do…we began that discussion in about Indianapolis and by Louisville felt it confirmed!  We had thought we would have a nice, quiet, relaxing winter and then list our house in the spring, hoping to move by the new school year.  Well, as life and timing would have it…there was a family that was very interested in looking at our house in January.  Brian and I felt that there would be nothing to lose by showing it…who knows, right?!  God knew!  We had an accepted offer within days of the showing and were overwhelmed with the blessing of the ease of it…especially in the struggling market.  We found a house in West Lafayette the next week and thus began the packing and moving process!  We were thrilled and so were our kids!  We’ve been in our “new” house for about a month and feel like we are..home.  We love this community and immediately feel a part of it.  We are blessed!  It’s kind of the reverse of when we moved to Crawfordsville, though.  When we left here, we were excited but sad to move away from friends, a church, and community that we loved.  Those friendships have continued and I believe, so will those that we made while in Crawfordsville!  Thank you to our amazing family and wonderful friends that helped us, again, with moving!  If we have anything to say about it, THIS. IS. IT.

So much for the quiet winter of working on my photography and blogging….it’s April.  Spring brings so many new things!  Baseball and softball, unpacking, painting, living outside!  I felt I needed to continue the birthday blogs I was planning on working on this winter…so better late than never!  Enjoy!

April 6, 2011 / Heidi

I am sooooo 3!

Most admittedly…3 is a difficult age for me.  ugh.  I am not sure why.  It is like 2 with a twist of will and defiance.  I have struggled with my kids through this stage the most!  It really tests me and I believe that God really stretches me and asks me to trust and seek Him….it’s also the cutest age.  THE funniest phrases are uttered.   THE cutest mischief is gotten into.  It’s the in-between of toddler and pre-schooler.  It’s a huge time of growth, emotionally, socially, and developmentally.    Griff.  so stinkin’ cute.  Sooooo much work.   My adoring sister said to me, “You know, Heidi, 3 may be different with Griffin.  You’ve always been pregnant when you had a 3-year-old before, and you aren’t this time.”  Oh!  I hoped that was it.  no.  not it.  I try to hold onto the adorable to get me through the crazy.  Some days it works ~ some days I am laughing hysterically at the things this man-child says and does!  And some days, I am in tears.  There is a lot of discipline that comes with 3!  That can make a mommy  feel so guilty some days…but it works!  I know…I have 2 others that survived 3.  I want to share some of my favorite pictures of Griff with you.  Enjoy the precious quotes of a 3-year-old…

“When I”m big, I’m gonna drive a tractor and I’m gonna come and pick you up!”

“All A-Port!”

“My doggy’s name is Guthy (Gus)…He lovth me.”

“When I get big like Maddie and Nate, I won’t be 3 anymore.  I’ll be big!”


“Ewwwww big infiney and BEGONE!”

“Mom, I’m gonna wear my cowboys today…and nothin’ else.”

December 14, 2010 / Heidi

turning 6

turning 6….is knowing exactly what you want ~ and getting it!

turning 6…is right in between little boy and little man…

it is being just big enough…

for most things…

yet too little to understand what is still too big!

it’s learning how to stand on your own two feet…

but still wanting to fly through the air!

turning 6 sometimes means you do not want your photo taken…again…

it’s lovin’ chocolate almost more than anything

and having a mommy & daddy that realize how they’ve been

abundantly blessed by the gracious presence of a boy, that’s 6,


October 28, 2010 / Heidi

fall blessings




October 13, 2010 / Heidi

picture of God

Yesterday on our way to school, I heard Nathan say to his older sister, “Maddie, did you know that God is everywhere?!”  Later that night while we were talking, I asked him about it.  He said, “Yeah.  He’s everywhere.  His hands are holding the earth that we walk on and his head is the sky.”  I told him that was an incredible picture of God!  “That’s just the way I see it in my mind.”  wow.

October 5, 2010 / Heidi

little graces

Last week I began a new bible study and was so excited to begin fresh for the fall with God!  One of the homework assignments was to ask God to reaveal himself to me in some way each day, and to journal about it.  Immediately I prayed about this and heard him speaking so cleary, as he so often does when I take the time to ask and listen.    He spoke to me about how some simple annoyances regarding the daily routines of mothering had led to the bitterness in my heart  ~ One thing I had been complaining about to anyone who would listen ~bedtime.  Don’t get me wrong.~i love a good story.  a good snuggle.  a kiss and a “nighty-night mommy’s outta here” kinda bedtime!  oh but not so much.  seriously.  I’m going to have to lay here for 40 minutes and then as I sneak out of the bed, your going to wake up and ask for more snuggling?!” ugh.  and when I finally get to escape ~I have to stop by the kitchen to prepare lunches for school tomorrow.  every. single. night. but i just want some time for mySELFpray for them and for their day at school, the Lord spoke to me, lay with them and lay your hands on their tiny faces and pray for them They need you present and they need you to pray.  and that did it!   pure annoyance turned into pure joy.  just like that.  my children…their little lives revealed to me like never before….the little time allowed for their childhood…for their innocence….the little time they will want me to lay with them at bedtime….the little time I will get to hold their hands….the little, so little time to get to be their mommy.   God has given me a fresh perspective on my babies this fall ~ I am so thankful.  I have been reading Ecclesiastes 5:2, “Do not be rash with your mouth, and let not your heart utter anything hastily before God.  For God is in heaven, and you on earth; Therefore let your words be few.” 

I have decided to journal through this blog ~ so I can share with you the pure joy of the little graces He gives.  If you ask.  He will change your heart.  I hope you will join me through this journey of grace.